Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Wow, okay I've been neglecting my blog a bit. So sorry! I am totally plugged in to facebook these days and that is where I keep up with pretty much anyone and everyone. While I check other people's blogs, I was reminded that I have forgotten my own!! Quick update

Had a great birthday, 31 really ain't so bad. Enjoyed a trip to the city to visit my friends up there, then in Stephenville we had a church wide country dance which was fun! Thanksgiving was pretty low key - home to Clifton for a few days and then spent the rest of my time off doing touch-up painting and stuff around the house.

The last few weeks before Christmas break were pretty crazy at school. We were trying to get pictures of the kids and doing lots of art projects for them to take home. We also put on a little Christmas musical before the party and that took some practicing. But our little two-year olds really did great up on stage! They behaved themselves and it was really fun. Many of the parents were very sweet and gave us gifts and I was touched. Its been so fun bonding with these kids and their parents and watching them grow! Then over Christmas break the family went to Nashville to see Dean and Jill and it was a very low-key nice time to just hang out and enjoy each other's company. Of course, I was slightly rude as I was completely addicted to the Twilight books and could hardly resist reading every chance I got a quiet moment!! But we did some shopping, played games, ate good food and had a really nice visit. The break was really nice!!

New Years was eventful - I had two parties to go to. The first was our church-wide party and it was held at the Hansen's ranch where I used to work/live. Most of the evening I spent being bossed around by Evy. She is hilarious! But we enjoyed spending time together and she cracked me up most of the time. When she was ready for bed I left for the next party with the "younger crowd". I enjoyed my next few days of time off, sleeping in, etc but Tuesday the 6th was back to work! We've had the past 3 Mondays in a row off of school so I've had "long weekends" and so only two days at school each week. It will be really strange to start the week on Monday next week!

Not many new developments happening. . . . our singles class at church has really started to bond and grow. This past Sunday we had 16 in Attendance!! Our classroom really only fits about 12 at the most so we were squished in pretty good. But its been awesome lately because we've been getting together outside of church a lot more often - calling and texting each other to hang out on the weekends and Sunday nights after service. I have really enjoyed it. I've been part of the singles class the entire time I've lived here (2 years now!) and there has been a lot of fluctuation in numbers. But finally we seem to have hit a "sweet spot" and its really great. Ironically our teacher recently got engaged but it seems he plans to continue on with us at least for awhile which is nice. But even if he decides to move on to another class, we finally have several strong men who could easily take the place and lead our class. Its stock show time around this part and I'd like to go to the rodeo this weekend if we can get a group together (which we probably will!). Other than that, I think you're caught up. Work has been good - I'm still loving the kids I teach and the ones I baby-sit! I'll try to remember to post some pictures from the last few months :-)


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