Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I just learned a new word today. Apparently I missed it when it made its rounds back in 2003 thanks to Missy Eliot (so my brother tells me). I heard a country song the other day talking about a "honky tonk bedonkedonk" and I was completely baffled as to what the heck a "bedonkedonk" was. Until just now. I'm watching Extra and they were interveiwing the stars from the movie with Pacino and Matthew McConaughey (swoon) and the fact that he has a hot bubble butt. Then Jeremy Priven said that Rene Russo's was better - that she had a "nice bedonkedonk" and the lightbulb came on! Of course, when I shared this with my brother his comment was "welcome to 2003" but hey, I don't listen to rap and I don't pay attention to slang half the time anyway! How would I know that was an old word? Apparently it has been resurrected and I plan on using it :-)


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