Thursday, September 15, 2005

To catch the bouquet.........

I have decided that wedding bouquet's have homing devices set on ME. I avoid them at all costs and yet they are determined to aim straight for me. Its not as though I believe the whole "whoever catches the bouquet is next to marry" thing but I would rather not jinx it. I don't want the pressure. And as many weddings as I've been to as a singleton, the thought of catching all those bouquets and yet not being the next to marry would be very discouraging (but I don't believe in all that). At B & M's wedding I was in the middle of the pack with a friend poking me in the back and pushing me forward in an effort to make me catch it. But I stood there, arms straight at my side, determined that I would NOT catch it! Sure enough, it came flying through the air directly at me but at the perfect moment I took one step to the side and the girl next to me (who wanted it) reached out her hand and caught it. Perfect! Worked out great for all. Of course, my poking friend was very upset with me. I have now been to 2 other weddings where the same thing happened - the bouquet came right at me. One of them worked out as well as the first, where I dodged it but someone else grabbed it. But this last time did not go as planned. There were a LOT of girls grouped together, several were VERY eager to catch it. Determined to avoid it I stood at the back with another bouquet dodger and we both agreed to run if it came towards us. It was total reflex! I kid you not, that girl had an arm because that thing came soaring over everyones heads straight towards me. I didn't even hesitate. I ran. The bouquet fell. On the floor. MAJOR FAUX PAS!!!! I think everyone was stunned. But here came H running towards it and snatching it up off the floor determined to claim it - she didn't care if it fell on the floor or not, it was HERS. She was welcome to it. Looking back I should have done the right thing - I should have caught it and then handed it over to her. But no, I ran. RAN! So I have another wedding to go to on Saturday and I am resolved to get in that wonderful gaggle of girls, place myself in the middle and in the event that the bouquet chooses me AGAIN, I will catch it and be graceful about doing so. For the sake of tradition. And because I feel guilty about the last one falling on the floor. That was just wrong. Think I can put the bouquet on eBay and get some money off it?


At 2:44 PM , Blogger Mrs.T said...

Play nice!!

Have fun at the wedding!

At 4:33 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

i, too, have been the direct target of the bouquet and i, too, have ran or diliberately not tried to catch it. but, i did catch it once and i dont feel like i ever have to stand in the gaggle again.

At 7:45 AM , Blogger BW said...

I can't comment on the Ethan Bebo site so I will tell you here that I would love for you to email the photos that you have. I have only seen one photo (the one previously posted) and yet I have heard stories about the mascot for three years!
Do you have my email?

Sweet Lovey


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