Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dedicated Employee

(Post Edited - I ramble way too much about unimportant things!) Narrowed down, I had to see a podiatrist about my toe because apparently when I stubbed it I jammed the nail into the skin (or he just said that to get my business and cause me pain!) If you've ever had an in-grown toenail removed, you will understand. If not, I hope it never happens to you. Granted, the pain does not really last all that long but it was not fun while it existed. I'm very grateful for Vicodin (which by the way only cost me $.90! The ointment was ... well a LOT more than that, but the potentially addicting narcotic, less than a dollar. what is the world coming to?) But the bottom line was to say that I am STILL AT THE OFFICE. I am a dedicated employee because I am suffering it out. Its just my toe - I can still type and talk on the phone, therefore I can still do my job. Granted, I'm taking the time to type this post... but hey I gotta eat lunch right? Anyway, this is just my own little rant because there are people that I work with who won't come to work because they stepped in a puddle, or they locked themselves out of the house, or their a/c broke (wouldn't you rather be in a cool building than home?) and here I am, getting my work done despite the throb in my toe. You know, I partly wish I'd have left it alone. At least before, it didn't hurt. And cor, I know you are reading this and letting guilt flood through you because you think its your fault i hurt my toe to begin with. But you know what, I didn't have to live up to the occasion and walk outside barefoot. and in all honesty the whole thing is such a random twist of fate or God or whatever you want to call it, because just days before I went to California I had somehow caught that same toenail on something and ripped it a little bit - just so that the nail was no longer long. Had that nail been long like it normally was, I probably wouldn't have done so much damage. So you see, its almost like this was meant to happen - for whatever reason. And I believe that God lets things happen for a reason, and that He is in control and so I am not sorry that any of it happened. Maybe its been a painful journey, BUT regardless, something good will come out of it. I mean, I could have slipped on that stick and fallen and broken something - it could have been much worse. I also could have stayed inside and not hurt myself at all. I am suffering the consequences of my actions and you know what? I will continue to go outside barefoot (once this heals of course). And if Mrs. T plants gerber daisies again, I may take pictures of them again. BAREFOOT!!! xoxox to you all Now I must get back to work while I can!


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