Sunday, September 11, 2005

brain juices.....

earlier today I pulled out some old journals to see if I could find any old sermon notes or studies on a specific topic. i ended up taking a few trips down memory lane. i have a lot of journals with random thoughts and poems scrawled in them and here are a few i'll share with you tonight.........please do not steal them as they are originals!

"The raindrops hitting the lake appear to be eyeballs from the underwater world popping up at random to get a drink of God's shower."

You are my escape
My Release
You enable me to express
My hidden feelings and thoughts
are revealed in the written word
a pretty form
sometime even rhyme
thank you poem.

"Strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound and how raindrops taste like tears without pain."

(written for an online crush)
Waiting, missing you, hoping your sweet little screenname will pop up any moment
Drumming my fingers restlessly
Wishing I could see your face, hear your voice
but instead I wait for your name on a little box
Your words in a tiny space that fly through the internet
to reach me across the ocean as I am
waiting, missing you,hoping your sweet little screenname will pop up any moment.

"We all have fears because we're human but if we don't do anything because we're afraid then we'll never get anything accomplished."


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