Saturday, September 17, 2005

Not yet a bride, but sometimes a cake cutter

I am really getting a lot of practice cutting wedding cakes. Maybe I'll cut my own someday. Just kidding. I am a pro at cake cutting at weddings mainly because I don't really stress about it (the bride and groom will never notice if you butcher it or not anyway). Tonight when I arrived at the reception I was immediately asked by one of the women from my church who knows me if I could help with the cake. I laughed and said, "sure no problem, I'm a pro" and she was SO relieved since the two girls who were going to do it had never done it before. So I approached them and said I'd help and they almost hugged me. I went to inspect the wedding cake - piece of cake! Literally! There were 4 mini cakes, that would make it a breaze. But the grooms cake was a piece of work. It was a big square and then the smaller square on top had its corners opposite the big piece and there were chocolate covered strawberries piled on top. So the trick was taking off all those pretty strawberries FIRST before cutting into the cake. Fun. But I was rescued when another girl volunteered to help cut that cake (they made a huge mess, but who cares, it tastes the same!). Of course, then the wedding cake wasn't such a breaze after all. The woman who made it had wrapped ribbon -real ribbon, not icing ribbon - around each layer. So we had to cut into the ribbon and peel it off before cutting the cake. Then I realized that the icing was SUPER soft and the layers were very delicate, but I got the hang of it and managed not to make a huge mess. We decided to save one of the individual cakes for the couple instead of the top piece which ended up being a wise choice. On the top piece was a fake flower arrangement with that green foam stuff - when we removed the arrangement, green foam "dust" landed all over the icing. Gross! So all of this to say, I was busy cutting cake and conveniently missed the bouquet toss. SAVED!


At 9:09 AM , Blogger Mrs.T said...

YAY, cake is good!


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