Monday, September 19, 2005

Indecent Exposure

Today on my way home from work I saw the most apalling sight. Let me set the scene a bit. I drive home on a 6 lane, busy street - especially at 5pm. Its HOT - high 90's all week. And there was what I finally concluded to be a man running along the sidewalk on this busy street. In my mind I know he was a man but he greatly resembled an ape. Please forgive me, any of you who are a hairy man, or who love a hairy man> I really have nothing against hairy men. But he was VERY hairy, and he had a big pot belly and long arms that were swinging very wide forwards and backwards. He looked like an ape. A sweaty ape in black shorts. I almost rear-ended the car in front of me due to my shock and staring. I couldn't turn away! Now everyone is entitled to run, and I understand running without a shirt because its hot. But you know, at a gym its at least air conditioned. But if men insist on running outside, couldn't they please limit it to a park or at least a secluded neighborhood instead of a busy street at rush hour? I dare not think of the accidents that have in fact occurred as people see such a sight. And the children! They should not be subjected to that! I think that should be considered indecent exposure. I mean, women couldn't run down the street topless, why should he? You know, I take that back......... its only indecent exposure when its a big hairy man with long arms. Young, toned firefighters can run around my block any time they want!


At 8:37 PM , Anonymous Jon said...

I'm sorry Jan. I asked you to wax my back, but noooo

At 2:41 PM , Blogger Jana Leigh said...

I SAW HIM AGAIN TODAY1!! ACK!!! Someone needs to at least teach him to walk with his arms bent at the elbow and not swinging like an ape! But on the bright side, I also saw a VERY nicely built and tan guy running so that made me feel better hehe


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