Friday, September 23, 2005

Movie Jabber

I'm a horrible person to go to the movie with, just FYI. Whenever I watch a movie and I see an actor I've seen somewhere else I always have to figure out where they are from, and usually I say it to someone around me. So I've taken to going to movies by myself to stifle this urge to share my thoughts. It pisses people off. But now I have this fabulous blog where I can say whatever I want and if no one cares about it, you don't have to read! haha So tonight I was (by myself) in the theatre watching Red Eye. Finally. I adore Rachel McAdams and I was treated to a special surprise that caused my temperature to rise. Yes I'm serious. COLBY DONALDSON!!! Anyone know who that is? *sigh* He was much dreamier in The Outback but hey I don't mind looking at him all spiffy and in a suit! He's a hottie. Also one of the flight attendants (air hostesses? I don't know what the PC term is these days, forgive me) was Joann from Everybody Loves Raymond! So of course, when I realize who she is I immediately said "Joann!" quietly outloud to no one. I'm annoying. Thats why I wait til movies have been out for awhile and usually the theatre isn't full and I can sit relatively by myself. In the back - directly in the middle. I get very annoyed when someone sits next to me anyway - there are PLENTY OF SEATS. Yeah, I'm annoying in a movie. Just ask my brother. Okay so anyway for future reference, if you don't want to see any of my comments about movies and the actors in them skip anything with "movie" in the title :-) But I really enjoyed Red Eye! Great Movie!


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