Saturday, October 01, 2005

Needlessly Vandalized

Okay I need validation. Something to make me feel like this was all worth it. Because now I'm just thinking, okay what the heck was that for? Are you wondering what on earth happened? Well here's the story. Last night I went downtown with some friends and we ended up at Europa. Now the irony of the story is that at first we went to this club called Seven and paid $5 to park in a business parking lot across from the club. The club itself was cool, but the crowd was not exactly our kind of crowd and honestly we were pretty sure they didn't want us there either. All I will say is that race wise, we were VERY much in the minority. We knew that Europa was close by but we weren't sure how close so we decided to go ahead and drive over there. We found a public parking lot and parked (he sent us in the very back away from the other cars by the way). Well, my friend looked around and was like, hey we were just over there and he pointed across the way. Basically we drove all the way around all these streets just to end up like 2-3 blocks from where we were. Looking back now I wish we'd have known that and not moved! But how could we have known........... Anyway, at the end of the night we returned to my car in the remote parking lot and discover my car window has been busted out. The rear drivers side - but its still locked and nothing was stolen. Not that there is anything in my car worth stealing besides the car itself. But seriously! So I called the police and they said they'd call me back in a few hours with a report number - they'd give me a police report over the phone. NO help cleaning up the glass. Granted I guess that was a dumb though but what the heck do you do with all the glass? I had passengers who had to sit in the seat!! So we got my air mattress out of my trunk and my friend sat on that until we found a gas station with a vacuum and vacuumed the seat. So now I have a ghetto car and the window guy came to fix it earlier but the warehouse gave him the wrong glass - right side, not left. so he will come back tomorrow or Monday. *sigh*. drama drama DRAMA in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 8:54 PM , Blogger Mrs.T said...

OMG, I'm glad nothing was stolen, but how lame.. I mean.. breaking a window JUST to break it... oy vey.

At 10:33 AM , Blogger BW said...

Vandalism is the result of pure cowardice and evil. I feel your pain!

Sweet Lovey

At 7:09 PM , Blogger Reagan said...

that is sooo crappy. i wonder why right now everyone is being tested by fire?


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