Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Owie Owie

At my family reunion over Labor Day, my cousin D brought her 1 1/2 year old daughter R. R is quite the character and it did not take long for her to notice my bandaged toe. Over the course of the weekend R got a splinter in her foot so we shared "foot pains" and she would frequently refer to both our feet as "owie owie". As the weekend went on, she continued to call me "Owie Owie" and at one point saw a picture of me, pointed to it and said "owie owie". I just recieved an email from my cousin D which solidifies the fact that R will probably always remember me as "owie owie". "R asked "whats that?" while I was typing and I told her it was an email for Jan and she said "owie owie all gone" and and looked at her foot (the splinter) and then said " Owie owie bye bye" and waved at the screen SOOO I think she knows you are Jan and you have an owie. she also checks peoples toe nails for owies. I definitely think you made quite the impression on her and she liked to be able to share something with a grown up even if was a painful something"


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