Monday, October 03, 2005

Reasons why its okay to be broke

First let me just preface this by saying that its my own fault I'm broke - I got myself into way too much debt all on my own and it has finally caught up to me. But being broke isn't so bad - here's why:

1) am forced to count my blessings and be grateful for what I DO have
2) find great joy in small amounts of "extra" cash
3) appreciate free food SO much more (such as samples at SAMS!)
4) am learning to budget so eventually I will be a genius with my finances

Because I am a dope and I went through the insurance to get a new window (*note: do not do this! they mark up the price and charge you WAY more than you should pay!) I have no money. Literally. I had to pay the $200 deductible even though the window should have only cost about $120-$150. The guy felt bad for me, but he said that since the order had already been put through (by dopey me who didn't check prices first) it was too late and he would get in trouble if I cancelled my claim and just paid him the warehouse cost. He was a nice guy -he offered to get me a windsheild for cheap - $80-$100. Of course, I will check this out first. Some people have told me that insurance will pay all of that since a windshield is pretty necessary (more so than a window I guess). So anyhow, the exciting part of my day has been this. Even though I had to pay the full $200 which amounted to the entire contents of my checking account, a friend at work bought some of my VCR tapes (I bought a bunch at SAMS and she only needed 3) and gave me $10. Yay! I have $10! So sad as this may sound, I am going to go straight to the grocery store and buy a half gallon of milk (mac and cheese baby!) and I am going to "splurge" on some chocolate icing (the cheap kind of course) and tonight I am baking the yellow cake I have in my pantry. I am celebrating life. I will NOT let my broke status bring me down! I will not wallow in self pity! I will eat cake!

Side note: for those of you reading this who are appalled to know I am broke, namely mom, the friends who were with me this weekend have offered to give me what they can for the new window. I won't be "completely" broke for the next 2 weeks. I'll be fine. :-)


At 9:50 AM , Blogger BW said...

Of course buying icing and eating cake is absolutly the right thing to do in this situation.
Sweet Lovey


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