Monday, October 17, 2005

still alive and kicking

life is TOTALLY boring lately so I keep trying to blog and its a major snoozefest. i am on internet overload. i now have this blog and a xanga blog and recently i got set up on myspace after some friends invited me. yowza! there are so many "internet communities" out there and it would appear that I have multiple friends on ALL of them!!! but i gotta tell you, the whole myspace thing is a bit overwhelming. blogs are pretty standard but myspace is like a whole ton of stuff. and when I started looking there are a lot more people I know on there! anyway other than that the only other somewhat interesting thing thats happened lately is that I went to a baby shower yesterday which was fun. I'm Sooooo excited for my friend who is having a baby although I'm a little worried about her - she's never changed a diaper. EVER!! I mean I was baby-sitting when I was 9..... anyway I think they'll be great parents but they definitely have a LOT to learn. so anyway, sorry my life is so boring lately. i'll be sure to blog about anything interesting soon!!! xoxo


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