Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby, Its Cold Outside!

one of the things I love about Texas - yesterday I was wearing a t-shirt and it was 78 degrees. Today its snowing and its 25 degrees!!!
The view of the courtyard at my apartment from my balcony

Ty stuck his nose in it and I caught him looking up at me as he licked it off lol!

Lady immediately rolled around in the snow patch on my balcony

Nana Jan

Just one more month until I am full time nanny to sweet baby Evy! I spent Thanksgiving out at the Ranch and even moved a few things into my living quarters. While I've been stressing a little bit about the move and the change and the finances, being out there really put my mind to rest. Its home to me already and I can't wait to be out there! The location alone is something to look forward to but the more time I spend with babies and see how really great they are, the more excited I get about being around to see Evy learn things and grow up. This picture isn't recent but its still one of my favorites. Evy goes to sleep on her own now but its still such a sweet thing when they fall asleep in your arms!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Moving is Fun

So I've been packing and organizing and trying to prepare for the first move which means the apartment is in total chaos. It will be MUCH easier once this first part is done - hopefully we'll get everything I've organized out. Then I can slowly get everything else done! But anyway, here are a few pictures of how the cats are responding to the chaos. I recently took my bed apart and found Lady perched on the "rungs" so to speak.

Then tonight I was taking things out of the dresser drawers and she made herself comfortable inside!

Ty runs around a lot and likes to climb into things.... such as the zippered bags!