Friday, August 22, 2008

Pregnancy Photos

just had to share these, We had a photo shoot the other day and Evy was hilarious!

long time no blog

Okay so life has been seriously crazy lately and I'm soooo sorry I haven't blogged! I don't even know where to start so I'll just dive right in. I'm in the midst of a life change - changing jobs, homes, etc. I gave notice with Andy and Gidget a few weeks ago and have accepted a position as a teachers aide at the Wee School at our church. I'll be working in the 2's class on MWF mornings. I'll still be doing the financial job at the church as well, but those hours will change based on whatever 3rd job I get - I can't live off just the two!! So I have several possibilities available that need a bit more investigation. I also need a roommate because while I would love to live by myself, rent for a 1BR is at least $400 a month, typically closer to $500 and I can't afford that on my own just yet. There is a chance I could move in with a friend at her new house temporarily - she has an extra bedroom. But I'd rather not move twice! We'll just have to see how it all pans out. I might be able to afford a place on my own depending on what job works out but its just not certain yet. Gidget has already found a replacement and she starts on Wednesday which is awesome. She is really great. I will stay at the ranch until the baby comes because I am currently the only person feeding horses. Gidget is just way too pregnant to be going down there twice a day and cleaning the stall, etc. So for the next few weeks my life will suck a little haha! I am doing the extended care mornings for the wee school which means getting there at 7:30 a.m MWF and I have to feed horses before that. So I'll be getting up around 5:30 a.m. to go feed (takes 30 minutes) and then come back and get showered and ready for the day. I have to leave by 7:10 at the very latest. Yeah. NOT FUN for someone who hates getting up in the morning! I can barely make it to work by 8 when I don't have to look good! but only a few weeks. Its possible that Noah could make an early appearance which honestly would be FABULOUS. In other fun news, the kitchen remodel is going super slowly. They were supposed to be done by the 17th. Yep, thats come and gone and there are still no countertops or doors on the cabinets. The appliances arrived but are not in their intended locations yet. Gidget's baby shower is at the house on the 30th and we've now been given a completion date of Wednesday. Cross your fingers!! If that works out, we'll have 2 days to clean and move everything in. Don't worry, Andy is hiring reinforcements because no way can we do that on our own! Cody and I are still doing okay but he is pretty stressed at the moment. He's new to the education business and is frustrated with the lack of organization. Nothing seems to be working out the way he thought it would with scheduling, etc. School starts monday so I'm hoping its all been ironed out! I get to see him tomorrow.... well later today since its now officially after midnight!!! I am in Irving at a hotel for Women of Faith conference YAY! I'm taking my own care tomorrow so that I can leave a little early and head to Crowley to see him in time to have dinner. If I went with the group in the van I probably wouldn't get there til 7 or maybe even later and well... I just don't get to spend much time with him as it is and an extra hour or two would be nice! I am looking forward to going to his church on Sunday - he's going to Celebrate Freedom church in Ft Worth and he loves it. Okay well I think thats the update. Just pray for my living situation and job situation. So far everything has worked out very well and I know God is in control!!!!