Tuesday, September 19, 2006

money sense

today i actually looked at the newspaper ads/coupons in my mailbox for a change and was glad I did. Kroger has a 10 for $10 going on with many items i needed and use regularly. like toothpaste and Breyers ice cream! haha. Okay so I don't need the ice cream but I promise you, next week I will be glad I have it and girls you know what I'm talking about! So yeah, I got several items I needed and a few pints of ice cream that I WILL need in the future. I'm just excited I got things for $1 that I normally would have paid $2 for! woo hoo! I saved $11. :-) happy day!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Baby Evelynn Marie

My good friend Gidget delivered her baby daughter last night at 8:46! She weighed in at 7 lbs 14 oz, 19 inches long and a 9 on the APGAR! Both mother and daughter had a very long day but are doing well and will go home tomorrow. She's a sweet one! I can't wait to go stay next week and help take care of her!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ty and his kitty condo

Ty has what I call his kitty condo and it hangs on the laundry door in the kitchen. He loves to rattle around in it, climbing up and down the levels, chasing the strings and other things that only he can see. Thought I'd share some funny pictures of him in action - if only I had a video camera!

free at last!

in the fall/winter/spring my kitties enjoyed the freedom of going out onto the balcony whenever they wanted because I left the window open for them. But when the heat set in, I had to close the window and it has stayed closed several months now. Due to the recent change in weather, I opened the windows this evening and both cats immediately jumped through the window to roll around on the pavement! Lady prefers to sit on the sill most of the time, while Ty roams so here are some pictures showing them enjoying their freedom!