Friday, June 20, 2008

Funny things

Living with a 20 month old is hilarious (those of you who have been through this time know what i mean!) Today I realized that Dora the Explorer has officially taught Evy things. She came running into the kitchen crying "ahmay! ahmay!" She had the remote in one hand, grabbed my hand with the other and pulled me into the living room. She pointed to the tv with the remote and said "ahmay!" I then realized she was saying "ayudame" which is spanish for "help me" and they say it all the time on Dora. Oh my.
The other funny thing is that she never says "one" when counting. Evidently our starting the counting off by saying one and letting her finish has made her believe all she has to say is "two, three, go!" We are working on it, but no matter what, if we say one, she says two three go!she gets mad if we keep saying "say one" over and over again.
I'll have to load the picture, but she has FINALLY taken to the cabbage patch doll I got her a year ago! I got it because it has blond hair and she was always wanting to pull on mine. I thought maybe she'd pull on the dolls hair instead. But turns out the doll was "too old" for her and she wasn't ready. So the poor thing has been laying untouched in the toy box.... UNTIL NOW! The other day I almost cried when I saw that the doll was on the floor in the living room and when I asked her what it was, she picked it up, hugged it close and kissed its cheek. So sweet! I loved Cabbage Patch kids as a kid and I'm so happy she likes hers! course, lately her favorite thing about her dolls is undressing them and she can only do that on 2 of them. Poor cabbie keeps losing her panties. *sigh* oh well
She's in a phase of yelling/screaming. Of course, we live in a very large house so if someone isn't in the same room as you, its sort of necessary to raise your voice for them to hear you. So she'll start out quiet "nanna?" and if I don't answer then she gets louder and louder until I do. We will eventually teach her marco polo (just cuz it would be fun and also in wal mart and at church, everyone is mama or nanna).

Okay I don't have time now, but I'm going to post pictures from the concert I went to, and also of Evy. but right now, she's pulling on my shorts saying "ow-sigh" which is of course, OUTSIDE!! Time to play

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

cell phone pictures

We gotta wear shades!!
Evy fixing the vacuum
Evy hanging out in the horse stall, playing with the rake

She loves sitting in the drivers seat - I always have to turn off the windshield wipers, turn signal, etc when she's done!!