Monday, September 29, 2008

tid bit

Interesting thing about where I live- I am just a few blocks from the hospital and when care flight comes in it sounds like its landing next door. Seriously it totally freaked me out until a friend told me what it was!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

fixing things

So I am in my new house but there are still many things to be done before its cozy and "home". I painted the walls but still need to get the trim and the bathroom at some point. I tried to hang a towel bar but failed - I followed the instructions so I have no idea what I did wrong! I need to find a spot for spices and will be using my crates as an additional pantry. I rearranged my living room again and I think I am happy with it now. My laundry room is tricky and when I tried to hook up the dryer I realized the vent took up too much space and I didn't have room to open the door!! Then I discovered the plug was wrong! So I got a new plug and today will attempt to change it out and hopefully I can conquer the mountain of laundry that is piling up!! Oh and I can't forget the trauma of Tuesday night when I was rudely awakened by a police officer going through my gate to my backyard and running his flashlight along the house!! Turns out I know the officer who was driving and they were on a chase. They caught the guy but I spent the night terrified!! So I got new doors and feel a little better

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

new things

Well baby Noah arrived with a bang - all 11 pounds of him!!! But he and Gidget are doing great! Evy seems to like him too.
I also moved into my new house over the weekend and brought the cats last night. It still needs some work and I have a lot of unpacking to do but I like it!
Today is my first day watching Karter so that will be interesting!
On another note, strangely it has become apparent that I am the main person for the morning extended care for wee school!! I am always here early by myself to unlock doors turn on lights and pull out the gym toys. Whoever else is working that day shows up at 745 when its time to let the kids in and I have done all the work!! One day I will be sick or late and then what will happen?? Its very interesting!
Well that's all I have for now but more to come

Saturday, September 13, 2008

rainy day

Well its been another busy week. I spent my "off" days packing and then ended up subbing in the 4s class on Thursday because brandy caught a stomach bug. Man was that a different class!! On Friday I had to change poppy underwear. Always a joy! Really though j love my two year olds!! They are learning so much and are so sweet! On Friday I looked at the houses Andy has for rent and picked one. It needs some work - two exterior doors heve to be replaced before I move in and he will put in a new stove. Then I have an allowance to paint and fix it up some. Its a very quirky house with lots of character and I think with some TLC it will be previous!!! Look for before and after photos!!
Well I am with Cody this hurricane weekend and we are watching football. He made nachos and they are ready so ta ta for now!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Okay this is my test post from my blackberry! I think its gonna work yay!

Making changes

Well I think I have my 'profession' ironed out for now. We'll see how it all goes in a few weeks! Right now I'm still living on the ranch and helping Gidget by feeding horses and dogs every day and helping with bath time at night. But they have hired a new nanny who is doing very well! This week and next I am looking at apartments and houses to find the right one. Gidget's due date is the 17th and its doubtful she'll go past that, if she makes it to it! After that I'll be able to move to town. Either the week of the 22nd or the first week of October I'll start my job on Tues/Thursdays taking care of baby Carter. He's 5 months old and his mom is only working 2 days a week 10 hour shifts. So the hours will fluctuate but mostly it will be a pretty easy two days! MWF I will work at the church - WEE School in the mornings and financials in the afternoons. I'm excited about the new schedule and getting a new place in town (even if it isn't that great of a place). I'm ready to have my own kitchen - I know that sounds crazy because I'm not exactly a great cook. BUT I just miss having the opportunity! The irony is that the few things I do like to cook, Cody doesn't eat. Figures. But we'll find something! This week will probably officially start my stint as what everyone calls being a "coaches widow". I don't think it will be that bad, but then it might. They have a game on Saturday in Wichita Falls which means he'll be working Sunday going over films and plans for the week ahead. So he won't get a day off until the following Sunday! But we'll work things out. We enjoyed a long weekend together this past weekend - he came to town on Friday afternoon for his brother's football game Saturday night and he stayed until Monday afternoon. It was blissful. I was very sad to see him leave on Monday.
Anyway, the next two weeks will sort of be my "limbo" weeks, waiting for the baby and finding a house, getting packed and cleaned up, etc. But hopefully by October I'll be settled in a new place and into a new routine! Check back for details!!

Oh and I got a new blackberry so I'll try to figure out if I can post blogs on it. If so, I'll be able to update more and maybe actually post funny stories! I know I've been boring lately :-)