Saturday, September 08, 2007

Misc pictures

well today is Evy's first birthday. Wow a year goes by so fast!! Update: she has 9 teeth - 4 of them are molars for crying out loud!! She weighs 19.5 pounds and can still wear most of her 6-9 month clothes. But she's growing slowly! We love our petite baby. She talks and mimics us on occasion and is still using sign language. Whats funny about sign language is that if you aren't paying attention and she wants something you miss it! But then she'll scream so you know she wants something. For her birthday she got a really cool "interactive learning kitchen" that talks and has sound effects. Its so dang cool. I gave her a puppy dog vaccuum that she already loves because she loves to help me vaccuum and now she can do it on her own! It will be fun to vaccuum together. Here are some pictures of this weekend - it was a fun party!!