Monday, July 30, 2007

about my new boyfriend

About John, my boyfriend:

We've been friends around 3 years, maybe a little less. He goes to my old church and was part of my "small group". There were 4 of us total and we got to be pretty close. He knows just about EVERYTHING about me - the good, the bad, the ugly! He knows my past, my quirks, all of it. He's 'liked' me for over a year but I never saw him as anything other than a friend until recently! He said he didn't realize he "made a move" but he totally did and I realized I liked it and it has just gone from there. He's an electrician, lives in The Colony, plays guitar for the praise team at my old church, he's about to be 23, he's tall and has red hair. I've never dated a redhead before! Anyway, so far so good - he knows I don't want to leave Stephenville and that if things progress he would move out here. So that's that! Yesterday we met in Weatherford (kind of halfway) to see Ratatouille and had dinner. Even though its long distance, he doesn't mind coming out to the ranch to see me and Weatherford is a good halfway point for the times we can't spend a whole weekend. Fun times!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Good Saturday

Saturday was a great day! My friend Melissa was visiting and we got up and had breakfast at the General Store - excellent pancakes! Then we drove to Dublin and went to the Dr Pepper Bottling Plant for a Frosty Pepper and a tour. I must say that the Frosty Pepper was not a great choice for lunchtime because it was so sweet and so filling that we were actually a little bit sick to our stomachs and didn't eat anything until dinnertime! But the tour was really neat. Then we walked around the little downtown area, visiting antique and resale shops and visiting the Dublin Historical Society Museum which was really cool. We drove back to Stephenville for dinner and then drove to Granbury to catcha movie (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - hilarious!). While driving to Granbury we saw a double rainbow and then we actually drove THROUGH it! I have never done that before but it was really cool. We noticed that the rainbow seemed to touch down in front of some trees and about the time we realized it, we passed the trees and the rainbow was gone - it was behind us. So awesome!! Then at the end of the day I pulled up to my little mailbox and what was waiting there? HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HOLLOWS - THE 7TH AND FINAL BOOK!!!! I was a nice hostess and did not immediately ignore Melissa to begin reading but let me tell you it was a great act of will! Melissa left early Sunday morning and I began reading THEN. Yes, I admit it. I skipped church for Harry Potter. Lord forgive me. I read all day long until almost 1 a.m. last night. I've only got about 200 or less pages to go. *Sigh* Its so sad that its the last book. but I guess all good things come to an end. Thus the weekend ended on that note and now its Monday. Have a great week y'all!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Okay, wow I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post!! My wireless connection location has been temporarily closed so I haven't been able to upload pictures or anything. I have internet at the church which is what I'm using now! Okay so the last few weeks have been pretty full, thus I'm just going to recap.

~ 4th of July was a bit of a bust because lots of places cancelled their fireworks. We might have had some at the ranch but some family issues arose and they cancelled their plans! BUT I do have a boyfriend now (new development, old friend) and he came to visit. We went to the city parade on the 4th and that was fun - LOTS of people were in it and a lot of people came out for it! So that was a blast. We spent the rest of the day being lazy and watching movies.

~ On Thursday the 12th, I witnessed a horrific accident in Stephenville which will probably stay with me for a long time. I drive by that intersection regularly (its my only way into town) and every time I think of the boy that died. A 19 year old rodeo cowboy in a pickup pulled out onto the highway in front of an 18-wheeler milk truck - the milk truck hit him on the drivers side, and the boy was thrown from the window and was hit again either by his own truck (which spun several times) or by the milk truck. No one is really sure because it all happened so very quickly. The guy driving the milk truck broke his sternum because the impact threw him into his steering wheel. Thankfully he didn't overturn his truck. But I was 4 cars back from the intersection and I heard and saw what happened in the split seconds after impact. I saw the body in the air. I saw the pickup with no one in the drivers seat. I saw the milktruck screeching to a halt. I called 911 and I waited until the traffic was mostly cleared before I finally went home (since I didn't witness it up close I wasn't useful) and I had a glass of wine. It was worse when I read the story about the boy who died and how young he was. But there will never be enough answers - why did he pull out? Where exactly did he get hit and did he die instantly? I sure hope so. The only positive out of the whole ordeal was seeing how the people closest to the accident responded. Everyone pulled over and jumped out of their vehicles immediately and several people took off running towards the scene to see if they could help. Two guys had a tarp in their truck and they covered up the body. Had the boy not died, they would have helped him. A lady behind me asked if they needed blankets and many others were simply available if they could be of help. Unfortunately there was nothing anyone could do.

~ John (my boyfriend :-) ) came to visit this past weekend and while I worked on Saturday he worked on the farm. The Hansen's, my bosses, have been growing/developing an organic farm comprised of 40 or so acres of squash, zucchini, cucumber and melons. YUM! We are finally starting to see the "fruit of the labor" and much work needs to be done. So John helped with the hoeing on Saturday - not fun work, but hey he gets paid and its productive! We picked some of the zucchini for dinner that night - SO YUMMY. Sunday he went to church with me and afterwards we went to the local steakhouse which is so good. Unfortunately, Sunday night I came down with a nasty stomach virus that was apparently spreading itself around and my wonderful steak lunch was wasted. I will be kind and spare you the details but let me just say that I have NEVER been that sick in my whole life, it was awful. I thought at first it was just food poisoning or something, but as I got progressively worse, I knew it was more than that. I got sick while at church Sunday evening and Gidget rescued me and drove me home. Unfortunately when we got home, I was not able to keep my last 2 pills of phenegrin down and therefore we had to get back in the car and make a trip to the ER. I have always had the problem that once I start throwing up I can't stop and the waves were coming every 10-15 minutes. I could hardly catch my breath. By the time we got to the hospital I was becoming pretty dehydrated and very weak. It was definitely not an enjoyable evening. I was leaned over my bucket and they kept asking me questions as if I could coherently answer. And not only that, but hte same questions over and over! When we finally got a room and the doctor came in I was again leaned over my bucket but the doctor wait until I was seated and breathing normally again before he started listening to my heartbeat? Nope - he just went about his business completely ignoring the fact that I was miserable. I told them I have horrible veins, and being dehydrated didn't help the fact. I told them their best bet for an IV would be my hands or wrists. Did they listen? Nope. They tried inserting iv's into both arms, thus enforcing great amounts of discomfort on me. Finally on the FOURTH attempt, a 2nd nurse was able to get a line into a vein in my hand (what did I say?) using a smaller needle. Thank you! Once I had some fluid and lots of phenegren I was released. Gidget got some laughs out of my drugged state - there were some other laughing moments despite all the misery. Anyway, it took a few days to fully recover but I was a good girl and I followed the instructions - clear liquid only for the first 12-24 hours, then BRAT diet and clear liquids for another 24 hours after that. I still can't eat mexican food or anything, but I'm back to normal which is nice. Well, normal except for the dang bruises on my arms.

~ This weekend my friend Melissa is coming to visit and I'm super excited. I am not working on Saturday so she and I get to go window shopping (possibly real shopping, we'll see) in Dublin and maybe Granbury. I can't wait to have some girl time!!!