Sunday, July 23, 2006

another east texas weekend

okay so i like this picture of caleb better even though you can see up my nose! lol i'm goofy with these self portrait type shots but oh well. oh and he really doesn't have THAT big of a head haha... i just can't aim well.
we went bowling, he beat the crap out of me too. i gotta practice! hence the big smile...

and here are his puppies, Mater and Onion. Yes, he named his dogs Mater and Onion.and they are so sweet!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

purse fetish

okay so seriously i have an obsession with purses, I have way too many of them. but i mean come on, its an ACCESSORY right! so on Friday a group from work went to lunch and i proclaimed my love for one of my coworkers purse and she informed me that she hated it and was going to throw it away......... unless i wanted it that is. Um hello!!! so this morning, it was sitting on my desk. isn't it GREAT?!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

light bulb

watching tv i just saw a Silk commercial and realized why they call it Silk. S-oy m-ilk = Silk.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Change can be good

So in the past year or maybe 2, time flies so fast nowadays I can’t even keep up, I have gone through a personality change. Nothing terribly drastic but enough that I’ve really begun to notice it recently. I’ve started looking back on where I was a few years ago and am shocked at really how far I’ve come. Several years ago I was pretty much a doormat. I was desperate for love and so I didn’t really think much about who I dated. Those experiences really taught me a lot and have really brought me to be who I am now. I used to be a people pleaser, to a fault. It was not uncommon for my phone to ring constantly with people needing help with drama. I was everyone’s counselor, everyone’s get out free card. Everyone knew they could count on me to help, to listen, to sympathize, to coddle. Rarely did I give true, honest, blunt advice. I was too focused on making them feel better and happy rather than actually helping them. But when I got stomped on, chewed up and spit out I toughened up. I started saying no, I started saying what I really thought, and I started realizing that my true friends could handle it. They wanted the truth and they appreciated it MUCH more than the fake sympathetic crap I had fed them previously. Those who didn’t want to hear the truth stopped talking to me. And I realized that my life really wasn’t empty without them. Instead I made new friends and those new friends didn’t know “Door Mat Jan” and so I was able to continue to be myself. Who I am now is not really a “new” person, but rather the person I’ve always been locked inside the doormat. Locked inside the girl who needed friends and boyfriends to make her feel better and more confident. I was the girl who wanted to be needed by people, liked by people, and able to fit in with everyone. I am not that girl anymore. Now, if someone doesn’t like me or want to hang out with me, I am not offended. In fact, I’d really rather know that up front so I don’t waste my time. What’s funny is that now I can see my old self in other people. I can easily spot the people pleasers, the ones who aren’t honest with me for fear of hurting MY feelings. The beauty of it is that because I can see it, I can confront it with them and let them know its okay. I was never confrontational before and there are still times when I am not now, but I’m more than I used to be. Just ask any of my friends! Some of them are still shocked sometimes when I challenge or confront someone. I must say I enjoy the reactions sometimes. But you know, sometimes things just need to be said. And if no one else will do it, I will. Remember the hockey game? Oh yeah that was fun. Well not really but amusing at least. But it was really a gut reaction, I didn’t even think about it. So that’s me. 

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

East Texas Weekend

This is the view of highway 69 between Jacksonville and Alto. This is what east Texas looks like - big huge trees on the side of hte highway, green and gorgeous. The air was sweet and clean. It was great!
Here are Caleb's two week old chicks! They are sort of in that in between "ugly duckling state". apparently they don't stay yellow, fuzzy and cute for very long! Maybe about 5 days or so. His business partner had week old chicks that were mostly fuzzy but were growing their white feathers already. So I'll have to plan a trip super close to his next delivery so I can get pictures of the new chicks!
Here are Caleb's chicken houses from the outside, i've suddenly forgotten whether he has 4 or 6. Oh well. He has several :-) they are really well kept and seriously they don't smell! when you get really close you can smell that "bird smell" but its not foul or nasty. Its not take-your-breath-away gross, but just a chicken smell. He says it gets a little worse as they get bigger because they poop more but because he feeds them microbes, it does not smell as bad as other chicken farms. I've smelled turkey farms before and those are gaggingly bad.
On Saturday we rode the Texas State Railroad from Rusk to Palestine and back. I have more pictures but thought y'all would enjoy this the best. We went to an unattached train engine where this man was a volunteer telling stories about the trains. He was cute but hard to understand! Anyway at the end of his little talk Caleb says "give me your camera, go stand next to him for a picture". I was shocked that it was HIS idea! But I went over there and the man said, wait wait wear my hat. Well Caleb loved this because all day he'd been telling me I needed one of those hats, was I sure I didn't want to get one! So I'm laughing because I knew how much Caleb was enjoying the fact he put the hat on my head!
and finally here is the one picture I got of Caleb. I would have taken more but any time he was in "nice" clothes it was short lived and I didn't have my camera. Should have gotten one of us together on the train but oh well. He isn't one for pictures really (see that big smile on his face? haha!) but I'll get a good one eventually. He's really cute when he smiles - his eyes disappear like mine! And this was a bit of an awkward picture anyway as we are watching the green light flash waiting for the camera to take the picture. Too funny. Next time I'll get a cute one. Maybe even one of him in one of his stained t-shirts he wears to work the chicken houses in LOL!