Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What is up with the Universe??

Okay in the words of Phoebe, seriously?! What is UP with the universe?! specifically MY UNIVERSE? I think its trying to tell me something - maybe stay in bed? Let's just start at the beginning. Last week the kids were CRAZY on both Wednesday and Friday and Tammy and I were about ready to pull our hair out. Then Friday after school I headed out, loaded up my car and started the 7 hour drive to Little Rock so that I could go to Reagan's wedding on Saturday. I will admit, when I started my car initially it did the clicking noise and didn't start. But when I tried again it was fine so I just shrugged it off. I stopped in Ft Worth for a quick potty break and it was fine then. But when I stopped outside Rockwall at a Love's Truck Stop, no go. The battery came on (radio, windows, lights) but it wouldn't turn over. So after lots of conversations with many people we had it narrowed down to the starter, alternator or the battery. My friend Craig said rule out the battery first - find someone who can jump start it. If that works, its the battery and thats an easy fix. So I found a nice man in a pickup truck (because they are typically prepared!) and sure enough he had jumper cables and was more than happy to help me out. It worked! So I drove to a Wal Mart back in Rockwall to get myself a new battery. But when they removed the old one and connected the new one, the alarm went off. The alarm I haven't used in YEARS and the clicker on my key does not work. So now the alarm is activated and I can't start the car or do anything with it until I get a new battery for the clicker. Wal Mart didn't have a battery that size so I trekked across the parking lot to Car Toys (praying the whole way). they didn't have one either. At that point, I started to cry from frustration. Thankfully the guy at Car Toys was super nice and he said "don't worry I can just override the alarm, where is your car?" and he walked back to Wal Mart with me and sure enough, he was able to shut it off. Yay! By this time, though, my phone battery was at 15% and I don't have a car charger because I've never needed one. I had 5 hours to go - I needed to charge my phone. So I went back to Car Toys and bought a car charger and was on my way. I got to Little Rock at 11pm and crashed. Saturday started out great because the weather was PERFECT and I got a message from Mike - a guy I used to work with and have kept in touch with - and found out he was in Searcy for the wedding. He had driven in with my friend Corrie who had flown in from Arizona! So I drove to Searcy, sought out the wedding party and found them at Reagan's house but they were on their way to get dressed for pictures so I met Mike at the hotel/university and he took me to lunch. After lunch we drove around some country roads in his firebird and enjoyed the beautiful day. The wedding was at 4 and it was really beautiful. The men wore kilts and there was a bagpipe player! It was really cool and very different!! Reagan of course, looked beautiful and I cried. I'm so happy for her! The reception had amazing food (of course, I would expect nothing less from the well travelled connoissuer!) and it was lovely. I was only disappointed to find out that Amy had a bad cold and was feeling miserable so she and Karlan left the reception to go back to the hotel and just rest/sleep. They live in Virginia so I was very sad not to be able to visit with them more. Corrie was also super tired from all the wedding festivities and she and Mike did the same. I really wish I had been able to get into town earlier on Friday so that I could have gone to the rehearsal dinner and had girl time! But it just didn't work out. Weddings can definitely be stressful and I understood that my friends were tired. I was just sad I didn't get to spend more time with them because we haven't seen each other for 3 years. I stayed at the reception until it was over and then I helped clean up and I got to visit quite a bit with Reagan's family which really was nice. I haven't seen them in quite a long time and they are a really cool bunch! I drove back to LR and got to the house in time to catch the second half of the Tech/UT game which, by the way, was AWESOME. Sunday I slept in and then started my drive home - taking my time and enjoying the scenery. Again, it was a beautiful day! The weekend was over, time to start a new week. But alas, its apparently just not meant to be my week. Monday morning on my way to school I actually got out the door a little early which was good because unfortunately just as I got outside the city limits, a small buck ran across the road and smacked right into my drivers side door!!! A woman from my church was going the opposite direction taking her kids to school and the deer ran in front of her so she witnessed the whole thing and turned around to come check on me. I was fine - the deer of course was not. I could see some slight damage done to my car and my door was crunching when I opened it because of where the deer hit but everything seemed to at least be in working order. Another car pulled over as well and then a guy in a truck pulled up where the deer was still in the road and he hauled it off into the ditch. A little shaken, I went ahead to school and went through my day a little worried about my car but otherwise fine. Until about 1:30 that is. At 1:30 I suddenly felt as though I'd been hit by a mack truck - I didn't feel well at ALL. My neck and shoulders were very tight, I had a headache and felt slightly nauseous. So I called my chiropractor and my massage therapist. I'm getting an adjustment later today, but I got in for a massage last night, thank goodness! I definitely had some whiplash and an unpleasant muscle spasm in my neck. So last night I went home, took advil and just sat in my chair and watched a movie. Despite having a house to clean (omg its a wreck!!). Oh and I took my car to a body shop to get an adjustment for the insurance - it was more than the car is even worth!! So now I'm waiting to find out if the adjuster will just total it out and then I can take collision coverage off my insurance and only carry liability. Which, really, could be a blessing. I mean, its a 12 year old Toyota with 190k miles on it. It runs great, but its not worth squat. Well it is to me, but not monetarily! Anyway, I got up this morning feeling better, got to the gym for extended care with the kids and was in the process of getting out toys. I decided to take my jacket off but when I turned to go put it on the bleachers I didn't realize there was a small bike behind me - yep, I tripped and landed square on my tail bone. One of the kids grandfather was there dropping her off and he saw me fall so immediately came to see if I was alright. Well really I wasn't - I just laid there for a minute catching my breath and assessing my body to see if I might have broken anything. I mean, I barely had time to catch myself - my hand hurt a little but mainly I had landed full force on my rear. and it HURT. He helped me up and I hobbled to the bleachers where I supported myself for several minutes while the pain slowly subsided. If you have ever fallen on your tail bone like that, you are understanding my pain. I mean, seriously OW!!! I came close to crying simply because all I could think was, what else? What else is going to happen to me this week? This sort of thing NEVER happens to me, especially not in such quick succession! I have never hit a deer before EVER. I've been driving on back country roads for 15 years and have had to slow down or stop for deer many many times. And out of nowhere one runs into me!!! I saw it about a second before it hit me -there was nothing I could have done! But to have that happen after having car trouble just days earlier, and then to fall the very next day... I am just in shock. I just hope the chiropractor can help me out today so that I'm not too sore the rest of the week. And can I just tell you something? Saturday is my birthday and we are having a big "Boot Scoot" at church for everyone and I AM GOING TO DANCE!!! I don't care if my tail bone hurts, i'm dancing! Its my birthday and I'm gonna party like a rock star. So THERE! Take that, Universe!