Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Type A Versus Type B

(I blog too much, I know this. But hey you're reading it so it can't be that bad..... right?)

This information resurfaced today. The story behind how I came to recieve this information was a breakup earlier this year. A very funny friend of mine was given this "advice" from a 20 year old in her office. I then passed it on to a single friend of mine who thought it was very accurate. And today he asked me to send it to him again because he needed it to prove a point to one of HIS single friends. Apparently his friend is one type but she thinks she is the other type and thus, her love life sucks. So, to all who care to be amused - there may be "some" truth to this but I think its just funny. Enjoy!

There are two types of guys/girls – A type & B type.
“A” guys/girls are the nice, smart, honest ones that don't go to bars and are looking for relationships. “B” guys/girls are the heartbreaker player types that don't want commitment and just want flings. Now comes the tragic news ….. “A” guys never hit on “A” girls b/c they're too nice to do that. “B” guys have the confidence and motive to hit on “A” girls and then they use them and throw them out – making them bitter, heartbroken puddles. Then some of those “A” girls turn into “B” girls in order to get revenge on the male species. “A” girls never hit on “A” guys because they just don't do that sort of thing, so “B” girls end up snatching all the good “A” guys and tying them down and/or corrupting them. So do you see how there's this tragic mismatch occurring? Oh wait, it gets even more complicated…. so then there are the ”B” guys that pretend to be “A” guys to capture the most difficult “A” girls and then they completely destroy the “A” girl's life. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of exceptions - - when “A” guys are friends with “B” girls and the “B” girls introduce the “A” guys to “A” girls, then it sometimes all works out, but it's rare.

Crazy out there ain't it? You happily married people better be grateful for what you have and to all the singles out there - watch out for those B types!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I just learned a new word today. Apparently I missed it when it made its rounds back in 2003 thanks to Missy Eliot (so my brother tells me). I heard a country song the other day talking about a "honky tonk bedonkedonk" and I was completely baffled as to what the heck a "bedonkedonk" was. Until just now. I'm watching Extra and they were interveiwing the stars from the movie with Pacino and Matthew McConaughey (swoon) and the fact that he has a hot bubble butt. Then Jeremy Priven said that Rene Russo's was better - that she had a "nice bedonkedonk" and the lightbulb came on! Of course, when I shared this with my brother his comment was "welcome to 2003" but hey, I don't listen to rap and I don't pay attention to slang half the time anyway! How would I know that was an old word? Apparently it has been resurrected and I plan on using it :-)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Nicknames - What's Yours?

I have acquired multiple nicknames over the years, some that have stuck longer than others. Here is the list of most common nicknames I will actually answer to:

1) Jana Leigh (Leigh is pronounced like "lee" by the way!)
2) Twister (camp name)
3) Janabanana
4) Janabell
5) Sunshine

Okay so you're turn. I've decided that anyone can now post a comment because I'm getting spam regardless of the settings (spam loves me). So come on, share your nicknames!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I want a Cowboy

Okay my new favorite song. You know, I'm a contradiction - I live as a "city girl" in the city but when it really comes down to it I'm a country girl. And I want a COWBOY!!!

I Want a Cowboy by Katrina Elam
Everybody told me he was a dream
Picture perfect like he stepped right off the silver screen
Said that he would sweep me off of my feet
But I’m still standin’ no he didn’t do it for me
Cuz I don’t go for all that wine and dine
With the Ray ban fake tan half of mind
I want a down home up with the sun rise man
Pickup truck drivin’, bull ridin’, strong and steady hand
I want the wrangler, Stetson and all that stuff
I want the real McCoy
I want a cowboy
I’m tired of talking bout it wastin’ my time
Oh no, cheap talk is leadin’ me feedin’ me lines
Give me somebody who’s tender but tough
Simple and honest, knows a thing or two about love
I seen enough to know what I like
It’s the hardworkin’, head turnin’ rugged type
I want a down home up with the sunrise man
Pickup truck drivin’, bull ridin’, strong and steady hand
I want the wrangler Stetson and all that stuff
I want the Real McCoy
I want a cowboy
I’ve seen enough to know you know what I mean
Ride me off into the sunset
That’s my thing

I want a down home up with the sunrise man
A pickup truck driving bull riding strong steady hand
I want the wrangler, Stetson and all that stuff
I want the real McCoy
I want a cowboy

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Smile anyway

I love you all! Hope everyone affected by this hurricane is okay and that their property is okay. Just thought I'd post a happy picture. XOXOXO!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Movie Jabber

I'm a horrible person to go to the movie with, just FYI. Whenever I watch a movie and I see an actor I've seen somewhere else I always have to figure out where they are from, and usually I say it to someone around me. So I've taken to going to movies by myself to stifle this urge to share my thoughts. It pisses people off. But now I have this fabulous blog where I can say whatever I want and if no one cares about it, you don't have to read! haha So tonight I was (by myself) in the theatre watching Red Eye. Finally. I adore Rachel McAdams and I was treated to a special surprise that caused my temperature to rise. Yes I'm serious. COLBY DONALDSON!!! Anyone know who that is? *sigh* He was much dreamier in The Outback but hey I don't mind looking at him all spiffy and in a suit! He's a hottie. Also one of the flight attendants (air hostesses? I don't know what the PC term is these days, forgive me) was Joann from Everybody Loves Raymond! So of course, when I realize who she is I immediately said "Joann!" quietly outloud to no one. I'm annoying. Thats why I wait til movies have been out for awhile and usually the theatre isn't full and I can sit relatively by myself. In the back - directly in the middle. I get very annoyed when someone sits next to me anyway - there are PLENTY OF SEATS. Yeah, I'm annoying in a movie. Just ask my brother. Okay so anyway for future reference, if you don't want to see any of my comments about movies and the actors in them skip anything with "movie" in the title :-) But I really enjoyed Red Eye! Great Movie!

Waiting Patiently

Rita/Rick may be horrible, or it may be not much. No one knows. The waiting goes on and on. I almost pray for the evacuees sake that there is at least enough "damage" to make it worth evactuating. But at the same time, I don't want there to be any damage. Its a torn feeling you know? We can only expect the worst but hope for the best and then see if it falls somewhere in between. I went and filled up with gas today. I really want to go to a wedding reception for a friend in Waco tomorrow, I just don't know if it will be worth the risk. We shall see. waiting patiently - will Rita/Rick be a nasty you-know-what, or will she take some midol and calm down before she arrives? Only God knows................

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Renaming Rita

what is up with the nasty hurricanes having female names? I mean, are we that bad? I think I'm going to rename this hurricane Rick because I know of some jerks named Rick. I am glued to the news yet again (I'm feeling deja vu here) because while I had a handful of friends in New Orleans, I have a LOT of friends in Galveston/Houston/Beaumont and surrounding areas. The ones I've talked to have already begun evacuating which is good. So now we just wait. The landfall date keeps changing so its just a matter of waiting. I just hope our electricity doesn't go out up here and if it does, not for long. I have a LOT of stuff in the freezer/fridge!!!!! I don't want to be like Joey on Friends, eating everything so that it doesn't go to waste!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

7 Answers for 7 Questions

7 Answers to 7 Questions

7 things I plan to do before I die:

-Visit all 50 States
-Ride a horse in Australia/on the beach
-Get married
-Have at least one baby
-Spend old age on a porch in a rocker
-Build a house
-Own a horse

7 things I can do:

-I can belch louder than most guys
-I can twist my arms over my head in a grotesque but cool way
-I can get out of debt
-I can work, talk on the phone, chat and listen to music all at once
-I can listen
-I can get up early if I really want to!
-I can love the Lord my God with all my heart, mind and soul

7 things I cannot do:

-I cannot prevent heartbreak

-I cannot force love

-I cannot touch my tongue to my nose

-I cannot tolerate arrogance

-I cannot always understand “why”

-I cannot see past today

-I cannot sit in the backseat without getting sick

7 things that attract me to another person:

-Kind eyes

-Sense of humor

-Compassion for others

-Positive attitude

-Foreign accents

-A man with strong, masculine hands

-A deep love for the Lord

7 things I say most often:



- Whats up


-Ty! (I talk to my cat)

-You Rock!

-Is it time to go home yet?

7 celebrity crushes:

-Brad Pitt
-Josh Lucas
-Jennifer Garner
-Kalleigh from CSI Miami (don’t know her real name!)
-Vin Diesel
-Jude Law
-Matthew McConaughey

7 bloggers I'm tagging

(I am not answering this one since I don't know many and the ones I do already did this!!)

Non bloggers I tag to post answers on my blog:



(I have no idea why some are farther spaced than others, it copied over funny!!! sorry)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Indecent Exposure

Today on my way home from work I saw the most apalling sight. Let me set the scene a bit. I drive home on a 6 lane, busy street - especially at 5pm. Its HOT - high 90's all week. And there was what I finally concluded to be a man running along the sidewalk on this busy street. In my mind I know he was a man but he greatly resembled an ape. Please forgive me, any of you who are a hairy man, or who love a hairy man> I really have nothing against hairy men. But he was VERY hairy, and he had a big pot belly and long arms that were swinging very wide forwards and backwards. He looked like an ape. A sweaty ape in black shorts. I almost rear-ended the car in front of me due to my shock and staring. I couldn't turn away! Now everyone is entitled to run, and I understand running without a shirt because its hot. But you know, at a gym its at least air conditioned. But if men insist on running outside, couldn't they please limit it to a park or at least a secluded neighborhood instead of a busy street at rush hour? I dare not think of the accidents that have in fact occurred as people see such a sight. And the children! They should not be subjected to that! I think that should be considered indecent exposure. I mean, women couldn't run down the street topless, why should he? You know, I take that back......... its only indecent exposure when its a big hairy man with long arms. Young, toned firefighters can run around my block any time they want!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Not yet a bride, but sometimes a cake cutter

I am really getting a lot of practice cutting wedding cakes. Maybe I'll cut my own someday. Just kidding. I am a pro at cake cutting at weddings mainly because I don't really stress about it (the bride and groom will never notice if you butcher it or not anyway). Tonight when I arrived at the reception I was immediately asked by one of the women from my church who knows me if I could help with the cake. I laughed and said, "sure no problem, I'm a pro" and she was SO relieved since the two girls who were going to do it had never done it before. So I approached them and said I'd help and they almost hugged me. I went to inspect the wedding cake - piece of cake! Literally! There were 4 mini cakes, that would make it a breaze. But the grooms cake was a piece of work. It was a big square and then the smaller square on top had its corners opposite the big piece and there were chocolate covered strawberries piled on top. So the trick was taking off all those pretty strawberries FIRST before cutting into the cake. Fun. But I was rescued when another girl volunteered to help cut that cake (they made a huge mess, but who cares, it tastes the same!). Of course, then the wedding cake wasn't such a breaze after all. The woman who made it had wrapped ribbon -real ribbon, not icing ribbon - around each layer. So we had to cut into the ribbon and peel it off before cutting the cake. Then I realized that the icing was SUPER soft and the layers were very delicate, but I got the hang of it and managed not to make a huge mess. We decided to save one of the individual cakes for the couple instead of the top piece which ended up being a wise choice. On the top piece was a fake flower arrangement with that green foam stuff - when we removed the arrangement, green foam "dust" landed all over the icing. Gross! So all of this to say, I was busy cutting cake and conveniently missed the bouquet toss. SAVED!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

To catch the bouquet.........

I have decided that wedding bouquet's have homing devices set on ME. I avoid them at all costs and yet they are determined to aim straight for me. Its not as though I believe the whole "whoever catches the bouquet is next to marry" thing but I would rather not jinx it. I don't want the pressure. And as many weddings as I've been to as a singleton, the thought of catching all those bouquets and yet not being the next to marry would be very discouraging (but I don't believe in all that). At B & M's wedding I was in the middle of the pack with a friend poking me in the back and pushing me forward in an effort to make me catch it. But I stood there, arms straight at my side, determined that I would NOT catch it! Sure enough, it came flying through the air directly at me but at the perfect moment I took one step to the side and the girl next to me (who wanted it) reached out her hand and caught it. Perfect! Worked out great for all. Of course, my poking friend was very upset with me. I have now been to 2 other weddings where the same thing happened - the bouquet came right at me. One of them worked out as well as the first, where I dodged it but someone else grabbed it. But this last time did not go as planned. There were a LOT of girls grouped together, several were VERY eager to catch it. Determined to avoid it I stood at the back with another bouquet dodger and we both agreed to run if it came towards us. It was total reflex! I kid you not, that girl had an arm because that thing came soaring over everyones heads straight towards me. I didn't even hesitate. I ran. The bouquet fell. On the floor. MAJOR FAUX PAS!!!! I think everyone was stunned. But here came H running towards it and snatching it up off the floor determined to claim it - she didn't care if it fell on the floor or not, it was HERS. She was welcome to it. Looking back I should have done the right thing - I should have caught it and then handed it over to her. But no, I ran. RAN! So I have another wedding to go to on Saturday and I am resolved to get in that wonderful gaggle of girls, place myself in the middle and in the event that the bouquet chooses me AGAIN, I will catch it and be graceful about doing so. For the sake of tradition. And because I feel guilty about the last one falling on the floor. That was just wrong. Think I can put the bouquet on eBay and get some money off it?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Inflation STINKS!!!!!

Okay forgive me for ranting but I must get this out. I don't think I can take any more hits financially. I am literally at a breaking point. I understand supply and demand. I understand that we had a horrible natural disaster that destroyed business and oil rigs and interfered with deliveries of goods. I understand that because of those hits, prices will go up in order to "supply" the "demand". But because there was no warning, how do you compensate in your checkbook? I just ordered a refill on my regular prescriptions. At the beginning of this year prices went up so I switched to generics - $30 for 3 months worth of one and $15 for 3 months worth of another as opposed to $40 for each. I guess it just didn't hit me that those would go up. When I got my antibiotics for my toe they cost me $50 but I thought that was just becuase I am allergic to many antibiotics and so I had to get the "real" thing instead of a generic or a lesser priced product. I was okay with that. But today I checked on my prescription order to make sure it was mailed and I saw the total and almost fell off my chair. The $30 has gone to $50 and the $15 went to $20. Now I understand that in the grand scheme of things thats only a $25 increase. But to someone who just got a phone bill that was $60 higher than expected, an electric bill that was $50 higher than expected, $25 is a big deal!!!! I hate complaining about money. Really I do. there are people out there without jobs and I am blessed to have a job and a nice apartment and a soft bed to sleep in. I am, I know I am. But this is just a hard pill to swallow because its all hitting at once. I know I'm not the only one with these problems. I am more grateful than ever that Ramen noodles were not affected by inflation (at least not yet) and only cost $.19 each. Yay for cheap meals!!! So tonight I will just lay in bed and talk to God and thank Him for his love and mercy and pray that He will take care of me as he takes care of the sparrows.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

brain juices.....

earlier today I pulled out some old journals to see if I could find any old sermon notes or studies on a specific topic. i ended up taking a few trips down memory lane. i have a lot of journals with random thoughts and poems scrawled in them and here are a few i'll share with you tonight.........please do not steal them as they are originals!

"The raindrops hitting the lake appear to be eyeballs from the underwater world popping up at random to get a drink of God's shower."

You are my escape
My Release
You enable me to express
My hidden feelings and thoughts
are revealed in the written word
a pretty form
sometime even rhyme
thank you poem.

"Strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound and how raindrops taste like tears without pain."

(written for an online crush)
Waiting, missing you, hoping your sweet little screenname will pop up any moment
Drumming my fingers restlessly
Wishing I could see your face, hear your voice
but instead I wait for your name on a little box
Your words in a tiny space that fly through the internet
to reach me across the ocean as I am
waiting, missing you,hoping your sweet little screenname will pop up any moment.

"We all have fears because we're human but if we don't do anything because we're afraid then we'll never get anything accomplished."


Sunflowers make me happy. Thought I'd share. This was taken at my parents house.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Good news!

I just realized that I never reported on those I know affected by the hurricane. First, I heard from my friend who actually lives outside New Orleans. Thankfully his house was not terribly destroyed and thanks to his dads good sense they are living fairly normally with 2 generators and running water. I am VERY happy his phone lines work so he was able to email me! We are back in communication - whoo hoo! Also the 2 sales guys from my company made it out as well - one has total destruction to his house which is sad but the company is helping him in that area. The other got away with minimal damage. then my friends who had family in Mobile all got through safely and without much damage. Not everyone has the same case I'm sure, but I wanted to share my good news. The media is covering so much of the atrocities and not much of the positives. But there are good stories out there. Just keep doing what you can and keep praying. But this is for my friend, I'm glad you are okay and talking to me again!! :-)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Keep the Faith

a lot of not-so-pleasant things are happening everywhere it seems. not just to those affected by the hurricane but to people in general lately. so i pass to you what someone passed to me once. They said "when you can't see His hand, trust His heart". God is in control. And a verse that was also passed on to me: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances..." those things are not always easy to do but i heard someone say once that to be joyful doesn't mean to be happy or cheerful. joy is an internal thing that has more to do with being content and trusting God than it does with the actual emotion of happiness. so i pray this for all of you (and even myself) who are struggling right now, whether it be a loss, a physical ailment, emotional turmoil or simply exhuastion. Pray continually. Give thanks for what you do have. and take it a day at a time. i don't have much but i send my love and my prayers to you from texas.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Country Mouse

This weekend I am playing country mouse at my parents place in middle-of-nowhere, Texas. As soon as I turned off I-35 I rolled down the windows to smell the fresh air. Well, fresh country air that is. The difference is that there is no longer the smell of smog and exhaust but instead of cows and skunks and hay. I am always prepared for the smell of the turkey farms as I get closer to the house (and further out in the middle of nowhere) but today the smell of turkey was combined with the smell of skunk. Ew. Yet I still left the windows down. Its so quiet. Sometimes disconcertingly so but I appreciate it. Some may not like the silence but after time in the city I relish it. No neighbors slamming doors, no cars zooming by, no yapping dog downstairs. Occasionally I hear the yapping puppies or a coyote but between that, just silence. For a few days, I am country mouse. Happy Labor Day weekend y'all.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Another adventure of green mouse.....

Tonight I found Ty playing with green mouse. I captured it on film. Ty looking at green mouse. Ty pouncing at green mouse. And then green mouse went under the stove. Ty looked under the stove for green mouse. But green mouse had lodged himself in the side of the stove and the cabinet. I had to get on my knees and dislodge green mouse. He is free again. For your viewing pleasure....

Forgive me........

You know, I was very selfish in my last post. Here I am whining about my big toe when there are so many worse things happening to others. Its so easy to get wrapped up in your own world until someone reminds you how good you have it. So the few of you reading this blog, take this minute to think of those less fortunate than you right now and send up a prayer for them. As I sit here in my air conditioned office, with a good job and a home to go to, I am consumed with sadness. Sadness for my friend who's husband was beaten a few weeks ago and his life has been forever altered. Sadness for the atrocity happening on the Gulf. Sadness for my friend who was hurt in a car accident this morning. Sadness for a dear friend who lost someone close to him recently. Sadness for those I know going through divorce and heartache. But amidst the sadness, there is hope. Hope in God, who is bigger than us. Bigger than our circumstances. Bigger than the pain. So this is my post of hope for those going through way worse trials than me. . . .
Forgive me for my selfishness.

Dedicated Employee

(Post Edited - I ramble way too much about unimportant things!) Narrowed down, I had to see a podiatrist about my toe because apparently when I stubbed it I jammed the nail into the skin (or he just said that to get my business and cause me pain!) If you've ever had an in-grown toenail removed, you will understand. If not, I hope it never happens to you. Granted, the pain does not really last all that long but it was not fun while it existed. I'm very grateful for Vicodin (which by the way only cost me $.90! The ointment was ... well a LOT more than that, but the potentially addicting narcotic, less than a dollar. what is the world coming to?) But the bottom line was to say that I am STILL AT THE OFFICE. I am a dedicated employee because I am suffering it out. Its just my toe - I can still type and talk on the phone, therefore I can still do my job. Granted, I'm taking the time to type this post... but hey I gotta eat lunch right? Anyway, this is just my own little rant because there are people that I work with who won't come to work because they stepped in a puddle, or they locked themselves out of the house, or their a/c broke (wouldn't you rather be in a cool building than home?) and here I am, getting my work done despite the throb in my toe. You know, I partly wish I'd have left it alone. At least before, it didn't hurt. And cor, I know you are reading this and letting guilt flood through you because you think its your fault i hurt my toe to begin with. But you know what, I didn't have to live up to the occasion and walk outside barefoot. and in all honesty the whole thing is such a random twist of fate or God or whatever you want to call it, because just days before I went to California I had somehow caught that same toenail on something and ripped it a little bit - just so that the nail was no longer long. Had that nail been long like it normally was, I probably wouldn't have done so much damage. So you see, its almost like this was meant to happen - for whatever reason. And I believe that God lets things happen for a reason, and that He is in control and so I am not sorry that any of it happened. Maybe its been a painful journey, BUT regardless, something good will come out of it. I mean, I could have slipped on that stick and fallen and broken something - it could have been much worse. I also could have stayed inside and not hurt myself at all. I am suffering the consequences of my actions and you know what? I will continue to go outside barefoot (once this heals of course). And if Mrs. T plants gerber daisies again, I may take pictures of them again. BAREFOOT!!! xoxox to you all Now I must get back to work while I can!