Friday, May 25, 2007


Finally, some new pictures!! Enjoy!

she is pulling up (with help) but then wonders how she got there!
blowing raspberries
When I'm working in the kitchen this is where I set her because she loves to look at her reflection in the oven door!
She's already a horse girl (and a ham for the camera!)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okay, so I know I tend to sound like a proud mama when talking about Evy and I gotta admit I sometimes feel like one! I realize she's not my own flesh and blood and that the love I feel for her doesn't compare to what Gidget feels. BUT she is just so cool and I am so blessed to be in her life every day, watching her grown and learn! She now has 2 very prominent teeth that have come up very quickly and make her smile that much cuter! She's already learning to pull that lip down so her teeth show and its ADORABLE. I haven't gotten a good picture yet but will share when I do. I haven't been able to get into town with my own laptop to put up pictures lately but I will soon because I have MANY. she is pulling up now, with just a teensy bit of help. She still doesn't have good balance but she will take steps without encouragement as long as someone is holding her arms to keep her from falling. She is really enjoying this new freedom and seeing the world from a slightly different angle! This past weekend she was VERY sick and it was a long and draining time for all of us. We missed our happy, hilarious girl while sick Evy presided. She wouldn't eat or drink for a full 2 days and so we had to force pedialyte into her by syringe which was heart breaking. But she is well now and we are working on helping her to gain weight. She hasn't gained any weight in a month or so and younger babies are passing her by in that department which worries Gidget. I wasn't worried until I recently heard of a 6 month old who weighs more than Evy! So we are feeding her any time she will eat instead of keeping a rigid schedule, especially the bottle. She's on soy formula at the moment because when she was sick the milk upset her tummy. But if any mothers out there have a weight-gain food advice, etc please let me know! She's been on the plain vegetables and fruit but really only eats one #2 jar/pack at a time. The others her age are eating 2 at a time. I realize we can't force her to eat more than she wants so I'm hoping we can just get her to eat foods that will help increase her appetite and encourage weight gain. She'll be 9 months old in a few weeks which is shocking! I can't believe its already been that long. But other than the weight issue, she is developing quickly and I swear she's smarter every day. She has learned the sign language for milk and has used it twice when she wanted a bottle which was exciting. When she was sick and in a very upset crying fit she cried out for mama twice. Not in a "ma ma ma ma" way but very distinctly "MAMA". We have several games we play and she just loves to laugh and make silly noises. I will post pictures soon I promise because I have some SUPER CUTE ones you're going to love!


Thanks to Reagan, who tagged me.

7 Random things or habbits about me...

1. I type super fast to the point where sometimes my fingers go TOO fast and I mess up words. Because of the way I type (fingers on the proper keys), weird keyboards really annoy me.

2. I really do want to write a book, journal, write poetry, etc but somehow I have a block and never do it. the desire is there but when I actually have time to do it I don't think about it! Very annoying.

3. I take an insane amount of pictures, some of them sort of silly (corrie and reagan can attest to that!). But I just like being different and you never know what you might catch in the lens.

4. I have a slight vanity about my hair. It has gotten really long and pretty and blond and well, I just like it. To the point that sometimes I swish it across my back on purpose when I walk - I like the feel of it!

5. I bite my fingernails while hating that I bite my fingernails. Sometimes I bite them so low that they bleed and hurt and yet I KEEP BITING. Its this weird obsessive habbit that I can't seem to break and while it annoys me to do it, I still do it. While thinking that I shouldn't do it.

6. I wish I could be like Hermione Granger (HP 4) and magically shrink and straighten my teeth. I don't have the money for orthodontics and I'd rather not go through braces. I wish I could just be magic for one day and fix them.

7. I like to read books over and over again. Its fun knowing what will happen but still reading it anyway.

I don't have anyone to tag as most of my readers don't comment or they've already done it. So sorry, I'm stopping the tag train!! :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cutting teeth

Well, after much anticipation the arrival of Evy's first teeth has come! On Thursday Gidget told me that there was a hole in her bottom gums and today I got a full view of one, possibly 2, teeth poking up! She has to laugh just right so that her lip comes down far enough to see and I got a good look. Later this afternoon while playing with her, she bit me! So the tooth has broken through and is working its way up and its a sharp little sucker! Gidget is very glad she has already stopped breastfeeding :-). As soon as it comes out all the way I will get a picture and share!

Things are really getting busy, especially this week. Monday I worked at the church plus ran a bunch of errands and took Ty to the vet. He had his teeth cleaned - he was NOT happy with me when I picked him up! Today the horse shoer came, tomorrow the vets are coming, Thursday I work at the church, Friday we will be preparing for the trail ride and Saturday is SADDLE UP FOR ST JUDE! We really don't know how many people to expect because not many have pre-registered. We could have 30, we could have 80 we don't know!

Tonight I went to the wedding of a widow and widower in their 60's! It was darling, they are precious. I met Francis a couple of months ago when the "Singles Again" and "Singles" Sunday School classes got together for dinner and bowling. She is the mother of Carmen who I've known for awhile and enjoy visiting with. So I enjoyed Francis as well! She has been a widow for 2 years and recently met Don who lost his wife in December after a long illness. They hit it off and decided to get married, in about a months time span! But it was fun to see them all dressed up and acting like true newlyweds. They wouldn't stop holding hands or touching each other and they were surrounded by their families. I love weddings of any kind and this is my first of one such as theirs! Love rocks!

Speaking of weddings, in just a few weeks I will "legally" have a sister in law! I can't wait! Just last night in the car I heard the song by Mark Schultz and Natalie Grant "When God Made You" and it made me cry. I love my brother dearly - we have grown as close siblings and friends in the past few years - and he has found a fabulous girl to marry and I love her too! I am just so amazed at how they are together and the way their relationship works. I am so thankful that God brought them together because it gives me hope for myself. God can overcome small things such as state lines, age gaps and health. He is GOOD! And just for the fun of it, I am posting one of my favorite pictures of the two of them. This is one of my favorite things about Dean and Jill - I know he will protect her and cherish her always.

Photo by Frederick Williams

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Pictures

The world around me has been beautiful lately. Granted, the bluebonnets and paintbrushes are all gone. But my hanging flower pots are blooming beautifully and I enjoy them every day! Evy is continuing to be more and more fun, despite her occasional grumpiness due to teething. SHe drools like a maniac too. But she is a major crack up. I had a long photo session with her the other night and she was hamming it up. Below are a few of those shots. Also is a shot of Jack our miracle dog. The vet said by all accounts he should have died but instead he didn't even break a bone or have any internal injuries. He is now bouncing around as his usual self! Anyway, enjoy the flower picture - I took it in Clifton a few weeks ago. The rest are Evy obviously, and Jack. Hope everyone is doing well!