Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some kind of miracle

Okay so everyone who knows me knows I bite my fingernails. Yes its a nasty habit and its one I've had for FOREVER. I've quit a few times in the past but it never lasted. And back when I was making more money I just kept acrylic nails on so that my hands looked pretty. But I can't afford it here. Anyway, I had to have a root canal several months ago and it was the result of clenching/clashing my teeth. My dentist also made me an NTI which is a little acrylic device I snap onto my top two teeth at night to keep me from clenching in my sleep. I recently got a daytime one that fits onto my bottom teeth. Well, it also made me realize that biting my nails was causing my teeth to clash together and it was messing with my bite. So since I can't afford something like Invisaline right now and I definitely don't want another root canal, I had to stop biting my nails. And it turns out that was reason enough! I've quit!! Its been almost two weeks now and while I still have the occasional nibble (its compulsive, I'm telling you!) I catch myself and stop. but I've noticed that once I quit I don't even think about it much. And ironically this past week has been pretty crazy and a little stressful, yet no biting! I guess I've just been too occupied! Here is a picture of my growing nails!!

Wednesday Cody had a job interview at Everman Junior High and they offered him the job on the spot. So Saturday I went with him and his mom and we drove to Crowley to house hunt. A friend of the family who lives in Crowley had already done a TON of searching for him and she had weeded out the junk (or as Cody called them, "crap holes" lol) and she had narrowed it down to a few. We only actually walked through 3 places and he picked one, signed the lease, paid the rent and got the keys that day. Its really awesome actually because its a small 3 BR house with a yard (for his dog) and its 2 minutes from the school! Its a little subdivision kind of out on its own but there is a little backroad (no stops or traffic) that leads directly to the Everman campus!! A family lived in it before so its very stylish and clean with nice fixtures and some landscaping in the yard which makes it very homey. We were all very pleased. So we went home that night and got him packed and then we all missed church on Sunday to get him moved in because he started his job on Monday! He is staying with the family friends right now because the electricity doesn't come on until Wednesday but the water was turned on on Monday so he's good to go after tomorrow. We timed it and its an hour and 15 minutes from Stephenville. Since coaching is pretty time consuming and he'll have to work half days on Saturdays and a few hours on Sunday afternoons I will be doing all the travelling to visit him. But its all good because in my opinion its worth it! I get along fabulously with his family and we just had a really good time together. This week his family is on vacation and I'm feeding the dogs for them and then next week I am going with them to a Rangers/Yankees game even though Cody can't go lol! So yeah, things are good. And hopefully, I will not start biting my nails again!! I miss him already but as he says, we'll get used to it. And we both agree that we are comitted to really sticking it out. And whatever happens, it will be up to God!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So much to tell

I don't even know where to start, life has been crazy! Its been such an amazing summer so far and I can't believe we are halfway through July!!!! I am officially dating a new guy which is surprising and wonderful all at once. God really has a sense of humor when it comes to my love life lately!! Meeting Shane and the short time we dated, I learned SO much and it was awesome. Things I never learned in longer relationships!! I was sad that it didn't work out because really, he's a great guy. But his job is insanely busy and plus gas prices are just crazy and thats with normal driving! My budget just doesn't have room for the distance driving. It barely has room for the normal driving. We still talk and will hopefully stay friends. But shortly after it was settled that we just couldn't continue dating, Cody came along. For those who want to know the story (I think its kinda cool) keep reading, but if you don't want to hear all the details, feel free to skip down! I'll get to Evy and nanny life in a minute :-)

Cody currently works for a carpet cleaning business and has actually come to the ranch 3 or 4 times to clean our carpets since I've been here. So I'd seen him before, but had absolutely NO idea that he went to my church. Turns out he pretty much keeps to himself and can blend in when he wants to. About a month ago, my singles class was organizing a bowling get together (we try to do something once a month) and I was in charge of getting the word out. Rian said to include 'Cody Avalos' on the list of people to invite. I didn't know who he was but I did. That same week when I was at the church working, he was there cleaning the carpet! I overheard him talking some to my pastor about church but I didn't think anything of it. We talked some (he was cleaning in my office and the sanctuary) and finally he asked if I still worked at the ranch and I told him about working at the church part time. Then he said "Okay, so whats your name so I can stop calling you 'hey'?" and when he told me his name, it clicked and I said (in typical, hyper "jan" fashion) "Wait, are you Cody Avalos?" and he sort of backed up and said "yeah...." and I freaked and explained (rapidly) that I was supposed to invite him bowling with our singles class, blah blah blah. You should have seen his face. He was a little scared I think :-) BUT he gave me his number and the next Sunday I told him we were bowling Monday night. I texted him to remind him and he came! I totally flirted hard core but really didn't get much in response so I just figured, oh well I tried. Turns out I was wrong. He's just not a 'flirt' and as he says it, he doesn't "play that way". He actually enjoyed the fact that I was flirting (fairly obviously) with him!! The following Sunday I wasn't at church so he texted me asking where I was - that shocked me because I realized that 1) He saved my number, 2) he looked for me at church and 3) since I wasn't there he missed me! He then invited me to the College Life fellowship on Tuesday night (they do something every Tuesday during the summer to give the college kids something to do. Yes I realize I am not in college but thats a good peer group for me lol). And basically, its just continued from there.... texting/talking and hanging out! He took me to dinner that following Sunday night after church, then the next Sunday I went with him, his friend blake, and his brother out on their boat to Lake Proctor (so much fun!!!). He is living with his parents and brother right now while he looks for a new job that may relocate him. So I go over there pretty often and we play Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Wii, etc. Its a blast. We are VERY different in a lot of ways - he's very athletic and wants to be a coach. He knows a TON about sports. He's not super outgoing like me and actually prefers smaller groups and people he's close with. He can be pretty guarded in a big group. But when we are with fewer people or by ourselves, he's very open and sweet and we have great talks. Stay up way too late thats for sure. Okay so there you go. This past week I finally made him admit that he liked me (up til then he kept saying we were 'just friends' just to harrass me) and that we are "together", etc. He even called me his girlfriend and let me tell you, for him thats a big deal! His family is really awesome, I met his sister and brother in law on Sunday after church for lunch at his parents house and they are really nice. His mom sings with me in the choir! So yeah, I'm a little smitten these days. The only worry now is where he's going to get a job. He is trying to find a coaching job where he will either teach history or PE. He's never taught before and is only certified to teach PE so that kind of puts him at the bottom of the list. But there's a chance something will work out. He interviewed in Copperas Cove and this week has interviews at Lingleville (very close by) and Texarkana (not so close!). We'll just see - if he has to go far away it would really suck since we will both be REALLY busy come the fall. Not to mention gas prices like mentioned above. So its all up to God. Pray for us!!!

Okay, now for nanny life. Things are good, but a little chaotic around here. Gidget is getting more pregnant by the week and she gets her 3D Sonogram in a few weeks. There is also major demolition going on in the kitchen for remodeling. Its supposed to be completed within 3 weeks and we are in week 2. A lot has gotten done so far, and its gonna be AWESOME when done! But in the meantime our makeshift kitchen is in the laundry room (there is another fridge and sink in there, along with the pantry) and we are eating a lot of precooked casseroles and sandwhiches, etc. Potty training is slow going since there are lots of workers in and out and the schedule is off a little. But Evy is getting more and more verbal and really becoming easier to understand every day! She's such a little helper and keeps us laughing. I think she'll be a good big sister. Thats about it. Hopefully more fun summer stories to come :-)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Potty Training

Okay so Monday night Gidget called me to tell me Evy had just pooped in the potty and we had a big "yay!" fest. Well, we've had her Dora musical potty in the bathroom for awhile but she really didn't seem to "get it". So for at least two months we've just taken her with us to the bathroom and let her observe, etc. Well last night, she told Gidget she needed to go potty and she did! This time was in her Dora potty so it played music which made her very happy. Her reward for going is that she gets to wear a pull-up which is "big girl underwear". Anyway, this morning I knew she needed a new diaper (obviously she still needs a diaper at night) so I asked her "do you need to go potty?" and she nodded yes so we went to the bathroom and she went immediately! When the music played I don't know who was more excited, me or her! When she was done she said "up? up?" so I said "yep, you get to wear a pull-up!" and it has a princess on it which is even better :-) So it seems we are well on the way to potty training - cross your fingers that she really gets it down before baby Noah arrives in September because that would just be AWESOME if we only have one baby's diapers to change!!! :-)